Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs (CMS & ED)

cms & ed course

Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs is known as CMS & ED. The main objective of this diploma is to provide primary health care through common allopathic medicines. It is recommended by WHO for primary health care. The CMS & ED course is a two-year course.

Scope: This course is not for fresher students. This course is for those medical staff practitioners who have been working in a hospital or nursing home, etc., for about five to fifteen years. And if they want to open their own clinic somewhere else, then this course is for them. Such medical practitioners can open their own clinic after doing this course. After doing this course they are given a CMS & ED certificate after which they can practice 50 to 350 medicines in their clinic as a doctor.


2 Year


For Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs Course, you must pass 12th from any stream.

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